The 10 Best Home Temperature Monitor Reviews

Many of us travel often and also have the luxury of owning a small cottage or house away from our city life. Monitoring temperature, while you’re away from home, is important for you and your home’s protection. Lucky for us, the people of the advanced era, we have amazing technologies that give us real-time data even from afar.

In this era of modern homes, measuring your house’s temperature from afar is not an issue anymore. The best home temperature monitors we have listed down will not only alert you about your house’s condition but also it’ll be efficiently displaying all the necessary information.

Check out some of those amazing technologies below to pick the perfect temperature monitor for your home.

10 Best Home Temperature Monitor

Below we have listed products from different price ranges offering different features. Go through each review for choosing the best product.

  1. ThermoPro TP50 Digital Hygrometer Indoor Thermometer Room Thermometer and Humidity Gauge with Temperature Humidity Monitor

It’s designed to provide you the best possible experience and comes with an air comfort indicator that displays whether the air is wet/dry/comfort. This is basically a humidity sensor that notifies you about the condition in your home with an easily readable icon.

The thermometer can be used in a greenhouse as well because it shows accurate temperature with the help of ±1°F and ±2~3%RH. So the hygrometer shows any fluctuations in temp instantly.

It’s a versatile product. Besides the greenhouse, you can use the temperature monitor as a freezer thermometer, refrigerator thermometer, humidor hygrometer, soil thermometer, cigar hygrometer, reptile thermometer, and more. Accurate readings of the device make it ideal for almost every usage.

Completed with a magnet and a tabletop stand, the thermometer is great for any place you’d want to keep it in. You can even attach it to the fridge or any metal plates from where you can see it clearly.

With 3.1 height and 2.6 inches width, it’s a little bigger compared to most other temperature monitors. The device comes with Fahrenheit/Celsius selection options and runs on one AAA battery that’s included with the package.

Key Features

  • Fahrenheit/Celsius selection options
  • Great for greenhouse
  • Comes with a magnet and a tabletop stand
  • Highly accurate
  • Battery included in the package
  1. Etekcity Lasergrip 774 Digital Infrared Thermometer, Standard Size, Yellow & Black

You can actually measure objects with this thermometer. Although the device isn’t ideal for humans or animals, it can be used on inanimate objects like food or beverages. This thermometer is excellent if you are working in a production factory. You will have something in your pocket that can determine the temperature of manufactured goods.

Likewise, the monitor can determine the best temperature from 14.17 inches or 36 cm of distance. It comes with a laser light that helps you measure the temp accurately. You can just point the laser to a specific spot to measure the temperature. The results are displayed in less than 500 ms on the screen.

However, the option of changing the measurement unit is integrated into this device. You can switch between Fahrenheit or Celsius based on your preference. The device also shows when you’re running out of battery and also turns on/off to extend battery life.

It’s a versatile tool. You can use it in the kitchen, in your garage, or even in your hot tub. The device works below freezing points and above boiling points. You can use it in barbequing or cooking, for home repair works, or in auto maintenance.

Key Features

  • Laser thermometer
  • Uses class 2 type laser
  • Comes with 0. 5-0. 9 Mw optical power
  • Backlight
  • Results are displayed in less than 500ms
  1. AcuRite 00613 Digital Hygrometer & Indoor Thermometer Pre-Calibrated Humidity Gauge, 3″ H x 2.5″ W x 1.3″ D

Mount it with a magnet or its clip, the thermometer works like a magic in measuring humidity. It comes with sensors to measure it and lets you know if the house is too warm or cold. Temperature and humidity low-high measurement is also displayed on the LCD screen along with the relative humidity.

The simple design of this thermometer makes it ideal for homes with kids. It’s very easy to read as everything comes with a label underneath. You can attach the monitor to your fridge or to a metal plate as it has a magnet attached to its back. Thus, weighing only 3.2 ounces, the light thermometer is great to be kept anywhere.

Its minimalistic design with dimensions of 1.3×2.5×3 inches makes it ideal for any room, either in a small or big house. You can switch between Fahrenheit and Celsius units of measurement. This feature makes it a universal product; you can use it in any country regardless of what measurement unit they follow.

Along with the magnet and clip, a flat stand attached to the thermometer that allows it to be kept on tabletops.

Key Features

  • Comes with a magnet, clip, and flat stand
  • Weighs only 3.2 ounces
  • Measures relative humidity inside homes
  • Simple design
  • Uses Fahrenheit and Celsius units of measurement
  1. Honeywell Home WI-Fi 7-Day Programmable Thermostat (RTH6580WF), Requires C Wire, Works with Alexa

This one will help you take a walk down the memory lane. The device resembles a widely popular gaming device, Gameboy. It’s an attractive thermometer that’ll fit right in your home.

Clearly, this is an advanced temperature monitor. The device requires a C-wire for operating but you can also use the G-wire jumper cable that comes with it. Not using C-wire means that you miss out on independent fan control and the fan does run as long as your system runs.

Similarly, the advanced technology of the monitor allows you the ultimate flexibility that you are looking for. You can configure programming for each day of the week and have 4 different periods in one day.

Accordingly, being equipped with Wi-Fi, the thermometer can be controlled remotely using a computer or smartphone. It comes with an app that you can install on your phone and control the temperature monitor from home.

The device works with different AIs including Alexa, Samsung SmartThings, Bonomi, IFTTT, Wink, Google Assistant, and Stringy.

So, when you are going out, don’t forget to check out the local weather through the web portal on your monitor before leaving. However, screws, anchors, wall plates and other installation materials are included in the package.

Key Features

  • Wi-Fi temperature monitor
  • Comes with a phone app
  • Scheduling features available
  • Displays local weather through the web portal
  • Compatible with different AIs
  1. Emerson Sensi Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat for Smart Home, DIY, Works With Alexa, Energy Star Certified, ST55

Measure your home’s temperature and save energy at the same time with this amazing monitor. This device comes with Energy Star certification which means it can help you save cost on HVAC energy. Its unique features including flexible scheduling, geo-fencing, and remote controllers help save energy.

Besides, all the features are facilitated by a Wi-Fi connection. It comes with an in-build app that will provide instructions for installing the monitor in less than 30 minutes or so. The universal design and size ensure that you don’t have to do any repainting or distempering work.

If you have other HVAC equipment in your home, you can integrate the monitor with them. Moreover, using a C-wire will give you access to more exciting features including heat pump, cool-only, and heat-only systems. You can check the router compatibility on the company website.

You can use the rebate finder in this device’s app for finding local utility rebates. The app also offers to record historical data for monitoring purposes. Using smart home applications is not an issue with this device as it is compatible with most of them including Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit, Samsung SmartThings and Google Assistant.

Key Features

  • Saves cost on HVAC energy
  • Flexible scheduling features
  • Geo-fencing
  • Smartphone AI compatible
  • Feature-filled app
  1. La Crosse Technology WS-9080U-IT-CBP Wireless in/Out Temperature Station 

The device monitors both indoor and outdoor temperatures, which means you can use it both inside your home and outside in your backyard. It records the min/max temperature with date and time allowing you to revisit any important day’s record.

This is a thermometer/clock; the clock adjusts time itself according to daylight saving time automatically. You can adjust the time measurement of 12 hrs or 24 hrs based on your preference.

As it comes with a sensor, you can keep the main device inside and the sensor outdoors for measuring the temp of both places at once. The transmission range of the thermometer is 330 feet. High and low temp of both indoor and outdoor is displayed on the device screen at all times.

Along with the time and temperature of two places, the date is also displayed on the screen of this device. It uses a self-adjusting atomic clock to know the date and time. The temperature monitor comes with a small stand resembles a table clock. It’s obviously very powerful and requires 4 AA batteries to operate.

Key Features

  • Measures both indoor and outdoor temperature
  • The sensor included in the package
  • Transmission range of the device is 330 feet
  • Displays date and time
  • Comes with self-adjusting atomic clock
  1. La Crosse Technology Indoor/Outdoor Temperature WS-9160U-IT Digital Thermometer, Titianium

This one is also from La Crosse Technology. The temperature monitor measures both indoor and outdoor low-high temperatures. It comes with a wireless remote and a clock.

Dimensions of the display are 3.31×0.89×5.87 inches and the sensor is 1.50×0.83×5.00 inches in this thermometer. The transmission range of the sensor in this one is the same as the previous one, 330 feet. Daily minimum and maximum temperatures are recorded in this sensor as well.

If you would like to cover a large area, you can use 3 sensors for obtaining weather data. The remotes are sold separately. Time is also displayed on the remote’s screen along with the temperature. You can set a measurement unit to Fahrenheit or Celsius and time to 24 hrs or 12 hrs based on your preference.

You’ll need 2 AA batteries for the transmitter outside and it’s recommended to set the transmitter in a shaded area or a north-facing wall. The goal is to keep it away from direct sunlight. It’s a water-resistant sensor so if you can’t provide shade, that’s fine.

The device can work as an alarm that snoozes every 10 minutes. It can be operated in 3 Languages (Spanish, English, & French) and also displays signal strength.

Key Features

  • Low battery indication
  • Switching language option
  • Alternating temperature measurement unit options
  • Displays time
  • Measures both indoor/outdoor temp
  1. AcuRite 75077A3M Self-Learning Forecast Wireless Weather Station with Large Display and Atomic Clock, Black

Available in monochrome and color display, this temperature monitor offers many other unique features you can enjoy.

The patented system of displaying local forecast along with 14 notification icons make this temperature monitor an interesting device. It has many things going on in the display. You can measure not only one but two zone’s temperature with the device. The monitor measures both indoor and outdoor temperature along with their high, low.

A future forecast with 14 days learning mode shows how the weather will be in the coming days. Similarly, the color display will change as the weather changes and it’s exciting to see. Day, date, and time are also displayed on the screen in large fonts.

The power source of the device is an AC adapter that comes with a battery for backup. Likewise, the atomic clock adjusts itself and automatically updates time in split seconds. Like other devices, the transmission range of the sensors is 330 feet, and every 16 seconds data is transmitted so you will always get real-time data.

On the other hand, both display and sensor come with stands so that you can keep them on flat surfaces.

Key Features

  • 14 notification icons
  • Color and monochrome display
  • Powered by AC adapter
  • Transmission range is 330 feet
  • Data transmitted every 16 seconds
  1. ThermoPro TP63A Waterproof Indoor Outdoor Thermometer 

This minimalistic sleek looking thermometer is perfect for any home. Like most devices mentioned here, this one can measure both indoor and outdoor temperatures. The device provides real-time data, giving you a chance to plan your day ahead.

You can rely on this temperature monitor to be highly accurate as it comes with the accuracy of ±2°F and ±2~3%RH. The display shows indoor and outdoor temp along with humidity levels simultaneously. Switching between measurement units Celsius and Fahrenheit is quick and simple.

Apart from that, the hygrometer has orange black light so that you can clearly see it even in the dark. It’s a weather-resistant device and doesn’t get damaged in the cold. The device can measure very low temperatures (-31°F/-35°C). So you can rely on it even if it’s snowing or raining outside.

If you would like to cover a large area, you can hook up the display with 3 sensors outside. The transmission range of the device is 200 ft and its signal strength is displayed on the screen. The up to date temperature monitor comes with a touch screen that allows you to change its settings.

Key Features

  • Touch screen
  • Backlight
  • Indoor and outdoor temperature monitor
  • Can be used with 3 outdoor sensors
  • Weather-resistant device
  1. Sonoff TH10 Remote Home Temperature and Humidity Monitoring 

Smart home devices are gaining popularity every day. The other devices we use at home are also adapting to this advancement. So, this Wi-Fi temperature monitor is no different.

The monitor can be synchronized with  Alexa, Google Home Assistant, or other Sonoff devices you have in your home. You can control the monitor from any place you want using your tablet or smartphone.

At the same time, scheduling with timers lets you turn the monitor on or off without doing anything. 3 different timers single, countdown, and repeating allow you to be flexible with it. If you are living away from home often, this timer feature will certainly help you save energy.

Accordingly, temperature and humidity are displayed on the screen of this device. You can set the device on automatic or manual mode depending on how much would you like to control it.

You can automate other devices with this monitor. For example, the thermometer will turn on the heater when the temperature goes below 16 degrees Celsius. It works with IFTTT, so the device is smart enough to keep your home comfortable while you relax.

Key Features

  • Works with IFTTT
  • Compatible with smart home devices
  • Compatible with AIs
  • Scheduling feature
  • Can automate other devices


Even if we realize it or not, our bodies are very sensitive to temperature. A temperature monitor is handy to have in a home for its many purposes. The monitors can help your house plants grow, keep your home comfy and warm, and keep your pets at ease.

Many of the devices we have mentioned here have several unique features for unique purposes. Although they might seem attractive, you won’t be able to use the features if your home doesn’t need it. So choose one that’s ideal for your home and your family.

We recommend that you make a budget and stick to that budget for choosing the best home temperature monitor. The products we have listed here come from different price ranges. So even if you are low on money, you will find something that’s affordable.

However, clean your monitors every once in a while. Maintaining them shouldn’t be a hassle; a gentle wipe with a soft cloth is enough for cleaning these devices. If you are using an indoor/outdoor one, make sure you have kept the sensor away from direct sunlight. It’s best to keep it under a shed so that rain doesn’t pour on it either.

Good Luck!