The 10 Best Anemometers Reviews 2020

What is an anemometer? An anemometer is usually a small and handy instrument that can accurately measure various environmental factors such as temperature, wind speed, dew point, humidity levels, and more. Over the years, conventional anemometers have been customized and modified to digital anemometers.

Accordingly, that helps us predict and tackle weather problems beforehand, allowing us to prepare for our day better. Thus, the best anemometer is a critical tool that supports us to determine several environment situations with accuracy and precision.

However, the digital anemometer is extremely useful and handy instruments, especially for travel enthusiasts and for people who are fond of outdoor activities such as hiking, mountaineering, sky diving, surfing, and many more.

In that regard, a good anemometer with versatile features is definitely worth the investment and an essential tool for bad weather.

10 Best Anemometers

It is needless to say that the current market today offers us an array of options to choose from. However, some important and vital features make the best anemometer to stand out among the rest.

  1. HoldPeak 866B

Our first pick is the digital anemometer by the manufacturer HoldPeak which is a great and very accurate device for various measurements. This anemometer is particularly known for its high accuracy and can be used to read the measurement of wind speed ranges from (0.3-30) m/s.

Likewise, this multifunctional anemometer is an excellent tool for analyzing critical weather conditions and can also be used to read the environmental temperature, wind chill and wind speed of the weather. It has a liquid crystal display (LCD) screen which makes it very easy and preferable to display all the readings.

Along with that, the digital anemometer comes with five-unit measurements that can be used to measure the wind speed. This particular device stands out for having extra details and certain specifications than most others. Furthermore, it has a built-in temperature regulator that can easily adjust to the C/F temperature.

On top of that, the best advantage of choosing this product is that it comes with full customer care support with its purchase. As we know, handling such technical instruments may get slightly tricky for some of us. Hence, it is always ideal to purchase from manufacturers who believe in customer support.


  • LCD screen
  • 5 unit measurements
  • Full customer support
  • High accuracy
  • Indication for low battery


  • May not be quite durable
  • Fan blades may not be the best
  1. Proster Anemometer

On number two, we have the digital anemometer by Proster which is a great instrument for reading the wind speed and the environmental temperature. This compact and handheld anemometer come with a bright liquid crystal display (LCD) and a backlight for easy reading.

Also, this instrument precisely measures the wind chill and has a highly accurate pressure sensor. Moreover, the screen also displays the remaining battery capacity and has both an auto and manual power control. It has a very compact and user-friendly design that makes it even more preferable.

This is an excellent choice for first-timers and amateur users as its design and control monitors are convenient and very easy to handle. The fan has six fine blades that ensure more accurate and reliable data for us. Besides having several features, this device also includes a protective cover made from silicon.

Additionally, the best part is that the anemometer comes with a well-constructed instruction manual for its users. As a result, we can easily figure out the features and details on our own. The manufacturer of this product also offers great customer service which makes it even more preferable.

However, replacing the original battery with a different one could affect the performance of the device.


  • Compact and user-friendly design
  • Highly accurate pressure sensor
  • Manual/ auto power mode
  • LCD screen with backlight
  • Well-constructed user manual


  • Battery replacement issues
  1. Pyle PMA90

Next up, we have the Pyle PMA90, which is an upgraded version of the digital and compact anemometer. It is a great device for reading various environmental factors such as temperature, air velocity and volume of airflow. This multi-functional tool reads air measurements with high accuracy.

It is particularly known for giving precise and speedy readings and is a great choice for preparing against bad weather conditions. Moreover, this instrument is easily portable and comes in a handheld design. It features a digital liquid crystal display (LCD) and an auto backlight as well.

Furthermore, you can switch between the two units Celsius and Fahrenheit for its temperature gauge. It also has a record and data recall function which makes it easy to analyze all the readings. The anemometer works well even with very low-speed readings.

The fan comes with an attached cable of moderate length which can be used to reach vents and other outlets, without being too long at the same time. This cable can also be unplugged for storage that makes it more convenient. The package includes a battery, a foam case, and a thermometer as well.

Apart from an included thermometer, the anemometer also has an automatic backlight and a neat light detector.


  • Precise air measurements
  • Portable and handheld design
  • Attached cable
  • Included thermometer
  • Data recall function


  • Poorly constructed user manual
  • Unstable temperature sensor
  1. Extech 45158

Our next pick is the mini waterproof anemometer by the manufacturer Extech. The best part about this instrument is that it comes in a pocket-sized design which makes it extremely easy for carrying around. It has a flip-style design that acts as an extension handle while also protecting it during storage.

This device gives very accurate readings for air velocity along with the temperature, dew point, or the relative humidity on its dual display. It also gives readings in several unit measurements. The best part about this instrument is that it is completely water-resistant and highly durable.

It is crafted to float in case of accidental immersion. Accordingly, this is also a very versatile anemometer and is suitable for carrying out operations in various environments. The device contains a replaceable wind vane which is made from non-corrosive plastic material for increased durability.

Besides that, it also contains a data freeze screen to display the readings in an auto power-off mode. Unlike a lot of other thermometers, this one measures the dew point from a range of 32°F to 122°F. It is definitely a fine pick for experimenting and carrying out operations in adverse environmental conditions.


  • High durability
  • Fully water-resistant
  • Pocket-sized extensible design
  • Replaceable wind vane
  • Dual freeze screen display


  • Difficult to remove the battery cover
  • Auto power off may shut and remove data
  1. Docooler Mastech MS6252A

On number five, we have another great and accurate digital anemometer by the manufacturer Docooler. This instrument comes in a compact handheld design and is a great tool for measuring air volume and wind speed. It features a data holding LCD screen that displays the maximum and minimum value of the readings.

The device has very easy features that we can easily get adapted to and enables us to store all the data into its internal memory. Thus, it also gives us a low battery indication on the display. This product comes with a special storage bag which makes it easy to protect and store the instrument.

It is an ideal tool for adventurous and sporting activities such as kite flying, mountaineering, sailing, windsurfing, fishing and many more. Furthermore, it can also be used for home purposes and industrial work. You can use this handy device for measuring the wind speed of air conditioners, computer fans and air blowers.

Along with these versatile features, this device also has the option of automatic power-off mode, saving energy whenever possible. It allows us to easily open or close the function of automatic power mode.


  • Versatile and easily adaptable
  • Reads accurate wind speed/air volume
  • Date storage function
  • Optional auto power-off mode
  • Special storage bag for portability


  • Chinese instruction manual
  • Not the best temperature readings
  1. Ambient Weather WM-2

Our next pick is the Ambient Weather WM-2 which is a comprehensive wind meter that gives precise readings of several environmental factors such as temperature, wind chill and wind speed. This device comes in a very compact and portable design that makes it very preferable for all sorts of travelers and explorers.

Unlike many other anemometers, this one has various features and wind modes. It also gives low battery indication and comes along with an optional tripod mount that can be ordered separately. This is a great device for keeping track of the wind speed and temperature of our external environment.

The best part of this product is that the manufacturer also provides a replaceable battery for the model. This is a great advantage as it can get quite difficult to replace the original battery of an anemometer with a different one. Moreover, the LCD screen and the neat backlight make it even more preferable.

Hence, this is an excellent pick for outdoor enthusiasts as the compact, rugged and portable design makes it very convenient for traveling. However, this product does not read temperature below 14 °F and the in-built temperature sensor takes time to stabilize.


  • Great for outdoor activities
  • Accurate wind speed readings
  • Replaceable battery included
  • Optional tripod mount
  • Portable and compact


  • Does not read temperature below 14 °F
  • Temperature sensor takes time to stabilize / influence by body heat
  1. AcuRite 00634A3

On number 7, we have a unique wireless weather station by the manufacturer Acurite which provides consistent accuracy for weather predictions. This is a self-calibrating device that forecasts data from nearby sensors to give the most precise readings for our exact locations.

It has an atomic clock that updates the time for keeping constant accuracy and does not have any manual settings for daylight saving time (DST). Hence, this is an energy-saving device as well. The weather station also contains a history chart that shows the temperature, wind speed and barometric pressure.

Not only is it accurate and reliable, but it also has a neat tabletop stand design and can easily penetrate strong signals. Using this device, we can plan our day with confidence and be well prepared for any sort of sudden weather changes. The best part is that we can get the most precise forecasts from our exact locations.

Even though the design may look a bit unconventional, this device is quite easy to set up and the transmitter can also be installed a few yards away with just a small amount of labor. Thus, this wireless weather station is known for its durability and can guarantee topnotch quality.


  • Forecasts data from the exact location
  • Consistent accuracy and reliability
  • Penetrates strong signals
  • No manual settings for DST
  • Neat tabletop stand design


  • Short battery life
  • Not the best temperature readings
  1. KKmoon GM8908

Next up, we have the digital and portable anemometer by the manufacturer KKmoon which is a highly accurate multi-functioning instrument for measuring several external factors. This device can act as an easily portable thermometer and a wind speed meter.

It is a great instrument for reading the temperature and wind speed of our surroundings and also has a highly precise pressure sensor. The anemometer gives quick responses and acts as an external thermistor as well. Furthermore, it has a wind speed reading range of (0-30) m/s.

Besides, this device can read wind speed in several unit measurements and also has a temperature display on the screen. The large and easy to read liquid crystal display (LCD) screen makes this anemometer even more preferred. Along with all that, it also has a backlight that makes it easy for us to focus in low light or night-time surroundings.

Apart from that, it comes with an optional auto or manual power off mode which is easily switchable and its data store function holds all previous instructions into its memory. This instrument is known for its excellent accuracy and can be used for outdoor activities like hiking and wind sailing. Hence, this is indeed a great purchase for its price.


  • Excellent accuracy
  • Great for reading wind speeds
  • Optional auto/manual power off mode
  • Large LCD screen
  • Precise pressure sensor
  • External thermistor


  • Battery not included
  • Propeller may produce some friction
  1. Kestrel 2000

The next pick is another great and reliable anemometer by the manufacturer Kestrel and this one is known for its high precision readings. This is a very user-friendly device and comes in a compact handheld design that the users can easily adapt to.

It is a fine airflow and wind meter that comes with a large and replaceable impeller which is a very great advantage. Also, it has a very responsive temperature sensor. This ensures accurate readings and that keeps us well-informed. All the readings are displayed on a clear and large liquid crystal display (LCD) screen.

The best part about this anemometer is that it is fully waterproof and is designed to float in case of accidental submersion. Unlike a lot of other anemometers, this one comes with extra protection measures that ensure longer durability of the device. The packaging includes a protective cover, a neck lanyard and a cell battery.

It is a very versatile device that is used in a wide range of farming purposes such as research, agricultural spraying, crop harvesting, monitoring livestock temperature and many more. Besides, it is also a great fit for many traveling and outdoor activities.


  • Versatile
  • Replaceable impeller
  • Protection cover, neck lanyard included
  • Highly responsive temp. sensor


  • Plastic protection case
  • The long attached strap is not removable
  1. Kestrel Drop 2

Last but certainly not the least; we have another highly precision anemometer by the manufacturer Kestrel. This one works particularly great for reading humidity and temperature conditions while having the easiest way to track and monitor the temperature. The best advantage of this handy tool is that it is completely waterproof.

It comes in a rugged, compact and waterproof design that works as an excellent humidity and temperature data logger. It gives accurate and reliable readings on the surrounding heat index, humidity and the dew point temperature.

This is a unique device and unlike most other anemometers, this model enables us to connect via Bluetooth Smart for our iOS devices. It can be used to view the data wirelessly with the Kestrel Connect app on our phones as well. Thus, the data storage function can store up to thousands of data memory and loggings onto its single coin cell battery.

Furthermore, the instrument also allows us to customize the logging rates, temperature effects and connections. So, this is indeed a great pick for users who are frequently on the move and need to monitor the temperature with high precision.

We can very easily observe, save and share all the temperature data from several loggers with only a single tablet or a phone.


  • Waterproof and rugged design
  • Excellent temp. data logger
  • Can connect via Bluetooth
  • Very large data storage function
  • Data sharing with multiple loggers


  • Data sharing available only for iOS devices
  • May take time to connect to other devices

Final Words

Anemometers are definitely essential for travel enthusiasts who are always on the run for outdoor activities and sporting purposes. Having an anemometer with us means we can always keep track of the weather changes and prepare for our day better.

Aside from reading the temperature, wind speed, humidity levels and other external climatic factors, some modern anemometers also allow us to share our locations with multiple loggers through data sharing function.

Besides numerous traveling and sporting activates, anemometers have many other uses for a range of farming activities. They can be very useful and great tools in the field of research, agricultural spraying, crop harvesting, monitoring livestock temperature, and many more.

Even though the current market offers a great range of digital anemometers for us to choose from, it is always a great idea to look out for some key features which ensure us a proper purchase. Anemometers are extremely handy instruments for accurate climatic measurements and the best anemometer will surely make our investment worthwhile.