Best Wind Up Alarm Clock Reviews

We all are familiar with alarm clocks. This isn’t something new to any of us and most of us have bittersweet memories of these devices. But alarm clocks are certainly needed for carrying out our day-to-day activities.

The best wind alarm clock will certainly be better than the other clocks for waking you up on time. As the sounds are made using a bell that collides with the other two round bodies and makes a ringing sound, it’s louder and more effective.

If you are considering its looks, these alarm clocks are aesthetically more pleasant compared to modern clocks. We have listed some of the bests of these alarm clocks below. Read on to check them out below.

10 Best Wind Up Alarm Clock

Down below is a list of all the top-rated wind-up alarm clocks that you can find in the market. Give it a read and know which product you want for yourself.

  1. Peakeep 4 inches Twin Bell Alarm Clock with Stereoscopic Dial, Backlight, Battery Operated Loud Alarm Clock

Available in bright colors, this is definitely the alarm clock you’d like to have. The device is available in black, white, red, green, and pink. We particularly loved the pink and the black one.

We all have used alarm clocks with printed numbers on carbon plates. Usually, those are very common and cheap. You need something that’ll last longer and this one is just that. The stereoscopic numbers not only last longer but also make the alarm clock look beautiful.

Except for the white ones, the other designs have a white hour, minute, and second hands. This makes it easier to read.

Do you often press the snooze button going back to sleep without even realizing it? Well, this one will save you from yourself as it comes with no snooze button. Moreover, the alarm is loud enough for people with hearing loss. You definitely won’t have trouble waking up as long as you’re using this clock.

The hands don’t make ticking sounds providing you a quiet environment. Also, a backlight attached to the clock lets you see the time even in the dark.

Key Features

  • Backlight
  • No snooze button
  • Retro design
  • Stereoscopic numbers
  • Available in different colors
  1. Marathon CL034001BK Mechanical Wind-Up Alarm Clock

This beautifully designed alarm clock is available in 2 different colors: black and white. The clock makes a very loud sound and comes with a progressive interval ring.

Similarly, the design of this clock is completely mechanical. You won’t need any batteries or chargers for this device which definitely saves money. The hands of this clock are equipped with luminescent markings so that you can see them even in darkness.

With dimensions of 3.9 x 1.9 x 4.3 inches and a weight of 5.1 ounces, this is a decent size table clock. But the clock has a large display so that you can see the time even from across the room.

Unlike many other devices, this one lets you set the clock slower or faster. Just use the respective dial on the back of this device and you’ll be able to control time.

Both 24 hours and 12 hours formats of time are displayed on the clock screen. The alarm hand is red for easy navigation. Along with an accuracy adjuster, you will find other switches for more control on the back of this clock.

Key Features

  • Uses 24 hours and 12 hours formats
  • Large screen
  • Luminescent hands
  • Users can set the clock slower or faster
  • Completely mechanical
  1. Peakeep 4″ Battery Operated Antique Retro Analog Alarm Clock, Small Silent Bedside Desk Gift Clock

This one will remind you of the Disney movies you grew up with, especially ‘Beauty and the Beast’. The vintage retro design of this alarm clock makes it amazingly beautiful to look at.

It comes with a diameter of 4 inches which is perfect for bedside tables and reading tables. Its metal frame enhances the antique design and ads a retro decorative look to any room.

Besides, the clock is completely analog and operates quietly. You won’t hear the hands ticking like other alarm clocks. Being analog, the device doesn’t require electricity.

Apart from that, turning the alarm on/off is simple with its big switch. The alarm starts ringing at a slow pace and gets louder and faster progressively in 4 stages. This way, you are not startled out of sleep and your brain has time to adjust to the environment.

You can also check the time in the darkness as the clock comes with a backlight. The backlight isn’t used at all times and only turns on when you press its button. It runs on 1 AA battery and is ideal for children.

Key Features

  • Unique design
  • Diameter is 4 inches
  • Analog clock
  • Backlight
  • No ticking sounds
  1. Konigswerk 4″ Non-Ticking Quartz Analog Retro Vintage Bedside Twin Bell Alarm Clock with Loud Alarm and Nightlight AC026-1G 

If you are a flower lover, you will definitely like this beautifully designed alarm clock. This particular clock comes in many different designs and colors. You can pick any of them based on your preference. We liked the yellow 3-inch design best.

What we like best about these devices is their non-ticking and quiet operation because the ticking clock makes enough sound to disturb you in a quiet room. In that sense, quiet alarm clocks only make the sound when the alarm goes off.

Like many other products, this one is also a bell alarm clock. It comes with no snooze button so you won’t be able to go to sleep snoozing the alarm every 5 minutes. The alarm is also super loud, making it ideal for people with hearing issues. Its manufacturer claims that the alarm can even work on deaf people.

The clock comes with a nightlight which can be turned on for checking time in the dark. Along with the stereoscopic number and beautiful background, this is definitely a beautiful alarm clock to have in your home.

It runs on batteries, which you will have to purchase separately.

Key Features

  • Quiet operation
  • Beautiful floral background
  • Stereoscopic number
  • Very loud
  • Bell alarm clock
  1. Equity by La Crosse 12020 Key-Wound Alarm Clock

This is the most classic alarm clock on our list so far. The clock literally resembles those of the 80s era. It has a nice shiny metal lining with a sober white body and a huge screen to help you see the time even from across a large room.

The clock requires absolutely no electricity or batteries. It has a beautiful analog mechanism that measures time effectively without consuming extra energy. The bezel is brass-plated and the metal is white painted in this clock.

Keeping the classic designs, the base of the clock is black and the numbers are white. Many reputed wristwatch companies still follow this golden rule for manufacturing their products. It makes seeing time simple and elegant.

Aside from that, hour dots and clock hands are luminous so that you can see the time clearly without a bright night light. The clock makes loud alarm noise that’ll wake you right up even if you are a deep sleeper.

It comes with a base pad for preventing scratch, and thus it’s lengthening the life of itself. After winding the clock once, it will keep the time of a maximum of 30 hours. You will need to use the knobs attached to the clock’s back for setting alarm and time.

Key Features

  • Requires no electricity or batteries
  • The base pad prevents scratching
  • Classic design
  • Bezel is brass-plated
  • Hour dots and clock hands are luminous
  1. otumixx Classic Retro Alarm Clock 

This clock will probably take us back to our childhood. The clock comes in a rustic yet sophisticated design. Its brown polished casing makes it look very attractive. Whether you have modern décor or antique in your home, the clock will fit right in.

Like all of our other favorites, this one is a no ticking alarm clock as well. The clock comes with a smooth sweeping movement of high-quality quartz. It quietly operates ensuring that you have the best working atmosphere you are looking for.

The clock is available in brown and black color; both the colors are beautiful but we loved the brown one best.

However, do you often press the snooze button and go back to sleep in the morning? Well, that won’t happen with this clock as it doesn’t have a snooze button. The alarm rings loudly with its two bells and is ideal for people who find it difficult to wake up in the morning.

With its luminous coated numerals, the clock can be used during day or night easily.

Key Features

  • Has only 4 buttons
  • Classic and sophisticated design
  • Luminous coated numerals
  • No ticking alarm clock
  • Doesn’t have a snooze button
  1. Black & Silver Alarm Clock with Silent Sweep No Ticking Feature plus Snooze & Light

This modern alarm clock is ideal for both kids and adults. The clock has a fairly compact design with dimensions of 10.5 x 11.5 x 5 cubic cm.

We liked its shiny yet simple design that definitely blends in with any décor. It’s black and white and kind of resembles a timer. Like most other products mentioned here, this one also operates quietly and makes no ticking sound.

It comes with luminous hands and backlight as well so if you have a problematic vision, you can turn on the light for a better view. When it comes to the display, this is one of the best clocks you will ever come across. The clock has large numerals that are visible even from afar.

Accordingly, the snooze button will let you sleep for 5-10 minutes extra. But if you have a habit of pressing the snooze button repeatedly and going back to sleep, we don’t recommend this product for you.

With its modern design, compact body, and easy mechanisms, this is definitely a popular and desirable alarm clock. We highly recommend it for versatile use.

Key Features

  • Comes with a snooze button
  • Modern minimal design
  • Operates quietly
  • Large numeral
  • Backlight
  1. iemei 4” Twin Bell Alarm Clock

This is the cutest most versatile alarm clock you can have in your bedroom. The clock is well made, loud, durable, and long-lasting. You can definitely use it for years without any trouble.

It’s a classic clock with 4 inches of diameter. The clock stands on two feet like that of cartoons and the look is really attractive. You will find only 4 buttons for operating the whole clock on its back.

Likewise, this one comes with a nightlight so that you can use it even in the dark. It makes no ticking sound providing you the quiet working environment you need.

So, being very loud, the device will be able to wake up almost anyone. It comes with two bells that ensure a tight and loud sound. Thus, it will wake anyone up in the morning.

If you often press the snooze button and go back to sleep, you can opt for this one as it comes with no snooze buttons. This alarm clock is great as a gift; you can give it to an adult or a kid and both of them will love it for sure!

Key Features

  • Nightlight
  • Stereoscopic numerals
  • No ticking
  • No snooze button
  • Easy to use
  1. 5″ Silent Analog Alarm Clock 

Ideal for elder people, this clock is a fairly large one with dimensions of 5.5 x 4.75 x 2.3 cubic inches. If you own an old home, you can have it in every room for the residents.

The clock comes with a side alarm switch, a top snooze and light switch, and two dials in the back for setting time and alarm. It’s easier to use when you compare the product with other clocks.

Besides, it comes with a semicircle face made of plastic and has black Arabic numerals, white dial, and black hands. The second’s hand is silver in color so that you can see the minute and hour hand better.

Operating silently, the clock doesn’t make any ticking noise. As a result, this makes it ideal for people who often find it hard to fall asleep.

So, this battery-powered clock doesn’t startle you up and starts the alarm in a much lower tone. The classic beep sounds get louder and louder in 4 stages to wake you up gently. As the volume rises, the beep also gets faster. This can last for an hour if you don’t hit the snooze button.

Key Features

  • Great for old people
  • Gently wakes users up
  • 4 stages of loudness
  • Side snooze and light button for easy access
  • Bold numerals
  1. Acctim 12623 Saxon Black Alarm Clock

Last but definitely not the least, this traditional wind-up alarm clock will take you back to the 80s. It’s a metal made clock that’s engineered to be user-friendly and will last a long time.

It’s perfect as a present, a decoration piece, and an alarm clock. The bell alarm is very loud and makes the ringing sound classic. Feet, bells, and casing of the clock are made of metal. It doesn’t rust easily as long as you keep the device away from water.

On the other hand, the metal casing is great for clocks as they provide a sturdier structure. That way, even if your clock falls while pressing the snooze button, it won’t break.

The numerals and hands are luminous to help see time in the darkness. With dimensions of 167 x 117 x 60 cubic mm, it’s a standard-sized clock and will fit in anywhere. You can keep it on a table, on the nightstand, or even on your bookshelf.

Consequently, the pure wind-up design of this alarm clock makes it appealing to most users. It’s easy to operate, looks good, and works great. You should definitely get this if you are looking for something simple.

Key Features

  • Simple design
  • Loud alarm
  • Metal casing
  • Durable
  • Feet and bells made of metal


Many of you might have thought that you don’t really need review for purchasing a wind-up alarm clock. We hope that your perspective has changed now. Nowadays, there are so many cheap products available in the market, that reading reviews will actually save your precious money and time.

If you want to dodge purchasing cheap, low-quality clocks, go through our reviewed products thoroughly and pick one that seems the most attractive to you. Here we have listed products for kids, adults, and even the elderly. Unlike many others, we recognize your needs and cater to them with our resources.

So, pick the best wind up alarm clock based on your needs. You might be an old person who can’t see as well as others. Hence, we’d recommend the large ones with a huge numeral for you. If you are looking for a clock for your kid, we’d recommend the colorful, gentle ones. Also, we encourage you to buy quiet clocks.

Finally, whichever you pick, make sure that they’re durable and long-lasting. Alarm clocks may not be expensive but spending one penny every day eventually builds up. In that sense, stick to your budget and browse through websites if you’d like to look at more options.