Best Atomic Alarm Clock Reviews

Accuracy is a crucial factor when it comes to something as important as telling the time. This is where the atomic alarm clock comes in. It is the type of clock that can pick up radio signals which are emitted from atomic time transmitters and thus maintain the accuracy of the time it shows.

In addition to showing the time, they also tell us date and weather information, play alarms, and also have other unique features varying in different models. Here are the best atomic alarm clocks that money can buy along with their effective functions and classy features.

However, as knowing what time it is at any given moment in our day is a reflexive act, it is vital that the time we are reading is accurate. So, without being dependent on any other devices that have the possibility of showing the incorrect time, atomic alarm clock helps keep accurate track of the time to get on with our day-to-day activities accordingly.

10 Best Atomic Alarm Clocks

There are many models with many features in the market and most of them are fit for use anywhere, be it at home or in the office. Nevertheless, we must look out for some vital features to ensure a good purchase.

  1. Magnasonic Projection Alarm Clock

Our first pick is a brilliant and super handy atomic and projection alarm clock by the well-known manufacturers, Magnasonic. This clock features the alarm clock, radio giving accurate timings and crystal clear display with its blue liquid crystal display (LCD) screen.

The clock also allows us to adjust the screen brightness according to our personal preference. We can easily and conveniently project time and even temperature onto our ceilings or walls and enjoy a full view of the display. It also has a 180 degrees rotational adjustment which means we do not have to change our position to know the time.

Furthermore, the clock also includes pre-programmable alarm settings for daily use with an optional weekend cancellation function. A great part about this product is its included AUX connection. It is fully compatible with iOS, Android or even MP3 devices. Hence, this is way more than just an atomic alarm clock.

It also features a built-in FM/AM radio that we can easily tune in. Moreover, its self-set technology saves us the hazard of setting the time and date once every time the power goes out.

So, with its automatic display settings and memory storage for all the pre-scheduled alarms, we can easily maintain our daily sleep routines accurately and precisely.


  • Clear blue LED display screen
  • Accurate timing and temperature display
  • Excellent projection
  • AUX connection compatible with all devices
  • Memory storage after a power outage


  • Built-in radio may be a bit rusty
  • Poorly constructed user manual
  1. Sonic Bomb Alarm Clock

On number two, we have the Bomb Alarm clock by the Sonic manufacturers. This unique model of the atomic clock comes in 5 different vibrant designs for us to choose from while featuring some of the best alarm and sound functions.

It has a loud and clear alarm sound that also includes a vibrating alarm shaker, helping heavy sleepers to wake up faster and more easily. The alarm settings with this clock are very versatile as it has a much stronger and louder alarm volume than most other digital alarm clocks in the market.

Therefore, this is a great option especially for deaf people or heavy sleepers. It has a dual alarm feature including a snooze function which allows us to set multiple triggering alarms before the actual waking time.

Along with an extra loud alarm setting, the clock also has full range brightness with five different dimmer levels. As it is extremely user-friendly, even for the deaf, it ensures that the device is never out of energy. Thus, its dual alarm clock operates at all times through the backup battery.

However, a great advantage of this product is its brand value and manufacturer’s warranty. Sonic ensures top-notch quality and provides a full one year warranty with its purchase.


  • User-friendly for deaf and seniors
  • Loud and effective alarm settings
  • Bright and red flashing alarm light
  • Vibrating alarm shaker
  • Brand value and warranty


  • Short battery life
  • Settings may be a bit difficult
  1. Marathon CL030036WH

Our third pick is another great and reliable atomic alarm clock by the Marathon manufacturers. This is an extremely handy and compact atomic alarm clock that comes with self-adjusting technology. As a result, it can accurately set the timings and display all by itself.

The clock also features multiple time zones that allow us to easily switch between according to our convenience. These included time zones are namely Pacific, Central, Atlantic, Newfoundland, Mountain and Eastern.

Besides all that, the clock also features five different languages, making it a very versatile and more unique clock than most others.

Along with automatic self-set technology, it also has an automatic backlight that uses an in-built light sensor to determine if the device has been kept in a dark environment. Aside from this, the backlight can be operated manually as well. Its compact design and size make the alarm clock even more preferable and handy for us all.

Moreover, the folding design also makes it very portable for traveling. It has a clear snooze function and easy settings along with a calendar display and temperature sensor. The atomic self-setting can display time in either 12 or 24 hour’s format which we can set based on our preference.


  • Atomic self-setting
  • 6 different time zones
  • Multiple languages
  • Compact and portable
  • Automatic backlight feature


  • Short backlight durability
  • The display may become dim overtime
  1. Marathon Travel Alarm Clock

Our next pick is the travel alarm clock by the well-known and reliable Marathon manufacturers. This is undoubtedly a great fit to help us maintain our daily sleep schedules as it comes with versatile features and display functions. As the name suggests, this alarm clock is great for traveling as it comes in a portable and foldable neat design.

Apart from that, the clock also features a 180 degrees rotational face clock for easy readings. Also, the alarm settings include a snooze and light function to help us wake better, especially jetlagged travelers.

Furthermore, its backlight can easily be button activated and provides maximum brightness while being gentle on the eyes simultaneously. The display remains actively illuminated for 5 seconds and then automatically activates the dark mode to save as much energy as possible.

Accordingly, its display options provide flexibility and allow us to operate the device with ease. Along with the time, the clock display also features the calendar.

However, a big advantage of this product is that it comes with an included battery which is required for the functioning of the clock. This is a great part of this alarm clock as it saves us the time needed to look for the compatible alarm clock battery.


  • Compact and foldable design
  • Rotational face clock option
  • Energy saving
  • Included battery with packing
  • Excellent light functions


  • Need to remove batteries while traveling
  • Snooze may shortly discontinue working
  1. Emerson SmartSet Alarm Clock

On number five, we have the unique smartest alarm clock by Emerson manufacturers. This is a great and reliable device to help us maintain our daily sleep schedules. It features a neat and bright liquid crystal display (LED) screen that comes along with a dimmer control.

The clock allows us to adjust the brightness of the display screen according to our personal preference and its user-friendly design makes this a fine choice for everyone. It has unique alarm settings that can be activated and pre-programmed according to our convenience, either on weekdays only or weekends only or all of the seven days of the week.

Also, the digital FM radio allows us to tune into and wake up to our favorite news station or to our favorite radio music. A plus point about this device is that it also features Bluetooth connection, enabling us to connect it to compatible devices nearby. Likewise, it includes a USB output for charging our mobile and smartphones.

The best part about its packaging is that it includes the required battery, making this handy device even more preferable for purchase. Lastly, this clock can automatically set itself, saving us the hazard of starting up the clock with the correct times and date.


  • Clear LED display screen
  • Adjustable alarm settings
  • USB charging port
  • Bluetooth connection
  • Self adjust technology


  • Loud minimum volume
  • Not recommended for light sleepers
  1. La Crosse Technology 616-146

Our next pick is the atomic alarm clock by La Crosse Technology manufacturers. It comes with a great liquid crystal display (LCD) screen and a bright backlight for nighttime use. This clock can project time as well as the outdoor temperature onto walls or ceilings.

Unlike a lot of atomic alarm clocks, this one has a well-constructed user manual which is a great part of this product. Hence, we can opt for the instruction manual for installation in case of any confusion. It comes with seven different settings for time zones and a 90 degrees arm rotation for the projection display.

Along with the time, this clock wirelessly monitors and displays both the outdoor and indoor temperatures. It also has self-setting time adjustments and a built-in daylight savings time (DST) program. This handy device provides us with easy and adjustable views on our walls or ceilings and also features a UBS charging port.

Consequently, this clock can also be used to charge our mobile phones and smartphones besides all the functions. It allows us to change the projection modes as it comes with three different display modes: time only, time and temperature, or temperature only. The unique display settings also allow versatile projection intensity modes.


  • Bright LED screen and backlight
  • DST function
  • Easy and adjustable display views
  • Self-setting adjustments
  • UBS charging port


  • Weak projection
  • Short battery life
  1. DreamSky Auto Set Digital Alarm Clock

On number 7, we have the unique and versatile digital alarm clock by DreamSky manufacturers. This alarm clock features a large and clear liquid crystal display (LCD) screen with a fully adjustable dimmer that allows us to change the brightness of the screen conveniently.

The clock has an automatic time set technology that correctly displays the time and date settings on its own. Besides that, it also has an accurate temperature sensor which determines the indoor temperature and displays it on the screen. Moreover, this alarm clock comes with a long-lasting backup battery.

The backup battery ensures that all the time its alarm settings are preserved in case of a power outage. We can also set the alarm clock manually if we face any difficulties with the display settings.

Furthermore, the device also features the automatic daytime savings time (DST) function and multiple time zones to select from. The alarm tones feature an ascending beeping sound that helps us to wake up more naturally and easily.

Along with that, the handy alarm clock includes an 8 minutes snooze option for its alarm settings which we can use to our convenience. Lastly, a plus point to this clock is its USB port for powering mobile phones and other electronic devices.


  • Ascending alarm tone
  • Large and clear LED screen
  • Multiple time zones
  • DST function
  • USB charging port


  • Backup battery not included
  • The display screen may be too bright
  1. Homedics Dual Alarm Digital FM Clock Radio

Next up, we have the dual alarm clock by Homedics manufacturers. As the name suggests, this device features a two in one use, as a digital FM clock radio and also as a sound machine. It allows us to wake up to our favorite FM music or radio stations while also providing several peaceful alarm sound options.

The clock features a neat liquid crystal display (LED) time projection that views the time display in a soothing blue shade. It also allows rotational projections with which we can know the time very easily. As the projection mode is optional, we can always turn it off or on according to our convenience.

This is a very unique alarm clock as it includes multiple natural sounds that are peaceful and relaxing to the ear. Its sound system is specially designed to cancel out background noise, giving us a healthy and gentle home environment. Thus, it can help us to fall asleep more easily and make our sleeping experience better.

Aside from all the unique alarm and sound features, this clock is also an energy-saving device as it has a built-in daylight savings time (DST) function. Furthermore, its self-set technology ensures an automatic display of the correct time and date.


  • Versatile and soothing alarm tones
  • Background noise cancellation
  • Self-set technology
  • DST function
  • FM clock radio


  • The display may be too bright
  • Buttons are a bit congested
  1. Magnasonic Alarm Clock

Last but not certainly the least; we have the digital alarm clock by the well-known and very reliable Magnasonic manufacturers. This is a great alarm clock for maintaining our daily sleep schedule that also comes with many unique features. Its self-adjust technology automatically displays the correct time and date and ensures a hassle-free start-up.

The clock also has a large and clear liquid crystal display (LCD) screen that is easy to read and allows adjustable screen brightness according to our personal preference. It also allows us to turn the brightness off entirely in case we prefer to sleep in complete darkness.

Moreover, its wake up battery backup ensures that we do not miss any pre-programmed alarms, even in the case of a power loss. There are also versatile features to this clock such as its FM/AM radio and its USB charging port. This is compatible with all smartphones, mobile phones, tablets and even MP3 players.

We can also tune into our favorite radio channels using the radio features on this clock and charge our electronic devices easily. Plus, a great advantage with this product is that the required lithium battery is already included in the packaging, saving us the hazard of finding a suitable one.


  • Large and clear LCD display
  • Self-set technology
  • Adjustable screen brightness
  • Backup battery preserves all alarms
  • Battery included


  • Poorly constructed instruction manual
  • The display may be too bright

Final Words

The atomic alarm clock is the best choice for us to be able to tell the time with precision and accuracy. Wherever we go, without changing the time on the atomic alarm clock, we can know the accurate time of any time zone and that can make our life a whole lot easier.

Other than this, an atomic alarm clock also lets us know the date and play alarms which makes it very convenient to keep track of our daily activities and getting our work done in time. Besides, atomic alarm clocks are sophisticated and can bring about an appealing change in the environment.

Most of us have surely experienced situations where we run late to a meeting or fail to submit within a deadline because our wristwatch or clock doesn’t remind us of the due.. Hence, the solution to such problems is definitely to get one of the best atomic alarm clocks.

So, whether someone is just looking to get a new clock for time-telling efficiency or want something to adorn their homes, an atomic alarm clock is the right choice and a must-have.