The 10 Best All Weather Floor Mats for Cars 2020

In case you travel back and forth with your car every day, it is highly recommended to keep the car as clean and comfortable as possible. Just what you would want for your accommodation. Protecting your vehicle from dust, water, or any kind of grunge is the number one priority.

Having said that, what you direly require is a perfect floor mat that satisfies all your needs. Therefore, to throw away all your worries, this article is bringing the best all-weather floor mats for cars right in front of you. You will be able to choose your preferred product and place the order as quickly as possible reading this one. Check them out below.

10 Best All-Weather Floor Mats

Rummaging through various articles or sites would be a tiring process. Hence, to help you figure out which is the best product for your car’s floor, this article brings you 10 different kinds of floor mats for your utter convenience. So without much ado, let’s start with the exciting features and properties these floor mats have to offer.

  1. Motor Trend Rubber Floor Mat

These high-rated floor mats are built with care to make it long-lasting. Motor Trend has made sure that the designing of their floor mat is done in such a way that it will be suitable for various kinds of vehicles. And the features that you are about to be introduced to are even more exciting to begin with.

If you are bound to spend a lot of time in your car due to job purposes, this all-weather floor mat is the right choice. Advanced level rubber polymers have been tested and used in the construction to ensure that there is no crack, split, or any deformity if used extensively or met with an accident.

Besides, for the sake of your foot’s comfort, rubberized nibs are there. It locks the bottom of the mat on the interior of the car. Thus, any kind moving does not displace the mat. So, you won’t have to worry about fixing the mat while you are driving.

They are approved by SGS European Standard and exhibits environmentally friendly functionality. Moreover, they are also easy to clean. The non-skid backing ensures that the mats stay in their place and lowers the spreading of dirt.

Key features

  • Trimmable
  • Ideal for cars, SUVs and also trucks
  • Approved by SGS European Standard
  • Designed for compatibility
  • Made by odorless EVA rubber
  1. Husky Liners Weather-beater Front Mats

If you are an owner of a Ford Escape/C-max, this is the perfect floor mat for you to ensure the interior of your car is neat and clean at all times. Advanced features and properties have been put together to make this model exceptional among the rest. Comfort and elegance go hand in hand with this product as well.

On the other hand, StayPut cleats are there to protect your car from any kind of water, dirt, or mud. Moreover, it makes sure your mat stays in place. So when you were worried about fixing your mat while driving, you no longer need to fret.

The crucial elements of a floor mat are appeal in appearance and contentment while driving. Besides being visually alluring, it is also very comfortable to use. You can take off your shoes, place your feet on the mat, and relax while steering the wheel.

These mats are designed in a way that it perfectly matches your car’s outline. Furthermore, this particular mat is capable of withstanding abrasion. Factory retention posts are used to keep it in the right place.

Key Features

  • Full footwear coverage; driver’s side
  • FormFit Edge for enhanced protection
  • StayPut Cleats help prevent from the constant shifting
  • Visually appealing
  • Factory retention posts used to keep the mats in place
  1. FH Group F11306BLACK-3ROW Floor Mat

This floor mat by FH Group has been created with high-rated vinyl materials. Its innovative designed tall outer ridges are there to avoid trap water, dirt, mud, and unwanted stuff from entering your car. This feature also keeps your car safe from any kind of damage.

Are you a victim of continuously stressing about your mat being displaced while driving? Well, to make sure your mat is in its respective place at all times, heavy nibbed backing is provided by the manufacturing company. Over and above, this product is also waterproof.

However, confirming the measurements is essential before buying a floor mat. In that sense, this model has a dimension of 28.7 x 18.5 inches front wise and 54.4 x 17.1 inches in the rear. So make sure that you are well aware of your car’s dimensions.

One full set of floor mats are provided for three-row vehicles. For example, SUVs, minivans, and crossover vehicles. It is a good purchase for big vehicles at an affordable price.

Key Features

  • Outer ridges fluids help prevent leaking
  • Waterproof
  • Stain-resistant
  • Heavy nibbed backing for keeping mats in place
  • Ideal for SUVs, minivans and also crossover vehicles
  1. Motor Trend 4pc Black Car Floor Mats

Are you aware of the issue associated with floor mats and odor? Many complain about the strong stench that comes with floor mats due to the inclusion of poor construction material. This particular product exhibit absolute odorless execution. It is a four-piece set that includes two front mats, rear liner, and cargo mat.

This floor mat is made with exceptional features, which will persuade the users to make the buy-in. Floor mats by Motor Trend tend to be very durable as well as flexible, just what you wanted.

The mats are both thick and heavy-duty that can endure all kinds of weather conditions while securing the floor’s safety. Mud, dirt, water, or any type of contamination is prevented from breaking into your car’s interior. Furthermore, the mat ensures flexibility since it allows you to trim and make it adaptable for your car’s contour.

On the other hand, if you are concerned about the flooring coverage, this floor mats have a dimension of 31.5 x 22.5 inches front wise, 18 x 58 inches rear liner, and 31.5 x 50 inches cargo wise. They are known to be semi-custom fit, which means it needs to be trimmed to fit your car well.

Key Features

  • Comes in 4pc black
  • All-Weather heavy-duty floor protection
  • Full flooring coverage
  • Built for durability
  • Semi-custom fits
  1. Motor Trend OF-933-BK Black Deep Dish Rubber Floor Mats

Before starting with the features, let’s inform you that this floor mat is an advanced model, which performs exceptionally well. Hence, to be precious, advanced rubber polymers are used to ensure that your floor mats are always in good shape in extreme circumstances. It also makes sure the mat does not crack, split, or deform in any way.

For a safety measure, make sure to check for the appropriate dimension. This product is very user-friendly, considering it can be trimmed with the help of an ordinary scissor. And after trimming, this floor mat promises to complement your car’s contour.

Accordingly, the provided rubberized nibs ensures that your bottom of the mat is always locked, and ergonomic grooves on tops provide you with comforting foot grip and relaxation. You can even take off your shoes and let your feet relax for a while.

The TriFlex Protection works like a guard for spillage and knocks overs, and also allows your floor mat to withstand any weather condition. Furthermore, this model has a very simple installing process along with easy cleaning and removing techniques. All in all, this product will only satisfy you with its properties.

Key Features

  • Simple installation
  • FlexTough Premium
  • Designed for Compatibility
  • TriFlex Protection
  • No-Slip Grip
  1. BDK MT654PLUS Black Heavy Duty Rubber Floor Mats

This floor mats created by BDK with great care. Considering the mat features incredibly advanced and well-thought attributes, the model must be suitable for you. Firstly, the heavy-duty gears help protect the mats from the all-weather condition.

It has guaranteed all-weather long-lasting PVC rubber mats. With heavy-duty gears that protect against mud, dirt, or any kind of dust or spills, authorizing that nothing as such will pass through the mat, keeping the inside of the car safe.

This floor mat can be customized to make it perfectly fit for your vehicle. You can trim it easily to match your car’s outline and it is stain resistant as well as visually appealing. Moreover, easy installation and easy cleaning are guaranteed with this specific model.

The anti-slip nib backing is used to maintain the position of the mat just in case it displaces while you are driving. Besides, the mat is also well known to be very flexible and durable to withstand extreme situations. Overall, it would be an ideal choice to put it in the cart.

Key Features

  • Heavy-duty gears to protect from an all-weather condition
  • Trimmable Premium Rubber
  • Durable channel construction
  • Anti-slip nib backing
  • Highest Quality along at the best value
  1. Motor Trend MT-773-BK Heavy Duty Rubber Floor Mats

Floor mats made by the Motor Trend is an essential product with extreme features to make it just right for the car owners. Chiefly, they are known to be very durable. Apart from being suitable to withstand all-weather conditions, there are some additional amazing properties provided by this company.

This product is thick, has heavy-duty mats, and liners with very flexible floor contouring. The odorless floor mat is also custom-fit, which means you can easily trim it to compliment your vehicle. On top of that, the installation process is much simpler.

At the same time, the trimming can be done by only a mere scissor. High-quality material has been used in the production of these floor mats. The Motor Trend wanted to satisfy their customer’s needs and demands.

However, always confirm to check the measurement before installing the floor mats because knowing your car’s dimensions are very important while purchasing a floor mar. The custom dimensions of this model are 28 x 19 inches for front mats; 17.5 x 56 inches for rear liner; and 31.5 x 50 for cargo.

Key Features

  • High-Quality Brands
  • Custom Fit
  • Odorless Rubber
  • Approved by SGS European Standard Material
  • Built for Durability
  1. FH Group F11313 Monster Eye Trimmable Floor Mats

Monster Eye Floor mats are made with extra care to protect your car from heinous weather circumstances as heavy-duty rubbers have been used in the production of it. This feature suggests the floor mats will exhibit long-lasting functionality.

The tall outer ridges are specially designed to prevent any kind of water, dirt, or mud infiltrating your car’s floor. Most importantly, the main purpose of this attribute is to protect the car’s interior from any damage.

You will receive two front and rear floor mats in the packaging. These quirky floor mats are also custom fit. That basically means they are easily trimmed to fit your car’s contour.

If you are concerned about the cleaning of the rubber, stay cool because it is a completely easy task. All you have to do is vacuum or use soap water, and air dry it afterward.

Key Features

  • Trim to fit
  • Waterproof and stain-resistant
  • Tall outer ridges are provided to prevent leaks
  • Heavy nib backing ensures to the mat in place
  • Available in various colors
  1. Husky Liners 94041 Floor Mats

These visually pleasing black-themed floor mats are here to serve you with captivating appeal. However, the product also provides advanced features to make it completely suitable for your car’s needs. Primarily, it is designed in a very exceptional manner.

Aside from that, Husky Liners have made this model with a very sharp and sporty design. The FormFit Design of the floor mat perfectly maintains your car’s contour in a detailed manner so that you do not have to encounter any issues while you are driving.

If you are worried about the placing of the mats, rest assured because StayPut cleats confirm that your model is positioned optimally. The displacement issue can be a major deal-breaker when it comes to floor mats. But with this model, you are spared the unnecessary stress.

Husky liners have also made sure that your floor mat is capable enough to withstand any kind of wear and tear. Besides, the company protects the product from water, dirt, or mud. Thus, their floor mats are ready to prevent it all to protect your car’s interior.


Key Features

  • Visually appealing deep black theme
  • FormFit Design processed
  • StayPut Cleats helped secure liners
  • Long-lasting floor mats
  • Made in the USA

     10. Motor Trend 4pc Gray Car Floor Mats

This product is a high-quality, odorless floor mat by Motor Trend. They have put together several features and properties to certify that the product is suitable for your car. Moreover, keeping every customers’ wishes and needs into perspective is the manufacturer’s ultimate objective.

This specific model is known for its durable and flexible properties. The stability comes from the thickness and heavy-duty property of the mat. On the other hand, the floor mat is flexible because it protects the contours of your car’s floor.

Overall, the features also help to withstand any weather conditions and they are semi-custom fit as well. Thus, these features mean it can be trimmed to fit in with your car’s outline.

Likewise, the packaging involves a four-piece set that will include two front, rear liner, and cargo mat. With full flooding coverage, the dimensions are as follows: 31.5 x 22.5 inches for front mats, 18 x 58 inches for a rear liner, and 31.5 x 50 inches for cargo.

Key Features

  • Built for durability
  • Full flooring coverage
  • Semi-custom fit
  • Can withstand all weather condition
  • Motor Trend Flex

How to Clean Weather Floor Mats Properly

For every car owner, it is essential to maintain the car’s top-notch condition at all times. And for that, you need to know the proper information about how to clean your weather floor mats. Hence, in this section, you are going to be enlightened with proper steps.

  • General Cleaning

The first and foremost task is to remove the mats from your car. Do not dare to clean the mats inside your car since it can create great hazards. Besides, it can also water damage your car’s interior or possess the risk of oil or foam to reach the gas, brake, or clutch pedals. This factor can even conclude in a great disaster if caution is not practiced.

  • Wash with a Hose

Washing the dirty side of the mat with a hose in the next task. A hose provides you the proper pressure to remove any dirt or debris that is stuck. Make sure that you do not let water pass through the underside of the mat.

  • Apply Soap

Mixing laundry soap and baking soda with some water is the very next step. Apply that mixture on your mat, the associated fizz will help with getting rid of the dirt well. If you do not have baking soda, you can use liquid soap as an alternative.

  • Dry the Mats

Drying the mats before putting it back in your car is very important. If you are washing your car in a gas station, it won’t be possible to wait for it to dry itself. In such circumstances, you can put back your mat in their respective places and turn on the air conditioner.


As you have made it to the end of this article, it is hoped that you have finally come to the conclusion which is the right product for you to purchase. All the benefits and drawbacks along with the key features are provided here for your help.

Moreover, the features and properties are right in front of you, so read and re-read in case of confusion. Everything here is on a descriptive tone, you will not have any problem understanding and making the right choice. The article also added some extra additional information just for you.

The cleaning of the floor mats is also provided for you to have a complete thorough brainstorming before putting the product into the cart. In case you are still in a dilemma, this best all-weather floor mats review will always be here for your guidance. So without any delay, bring home your preferable floor mat to have a comfortable journey ahead.