The Best 3d Hologram Fan Files On Amazon

We know what it’s like to be confused by all of the 3d hologram fan files products on the market. There are many options, and knowing which will work best for your needs can be hard. We started by looking at some of the most popular 3d hologram fan files products today and comparing their features and functionality. Then we take a look at some of the best sellers on Amazon and see what people are saying about them.

And We’ve researched and found some of the best models on the market today. Now that you’re here, too, you can learn more about them and decide which one is right for you.

We’ll tell you a little about each product we recommend so that you have all the information necessary to make an informed buying decision. Let’s get started!

Top 10 best 3d hologram fan files: Compared

Top 10 Best 3d hologram fan files: Reviews & Listing

When it comes to 3d hologram fan files, there are many options. The good news is you don’t have to spend hours trying them all out to find the best one for you. We’ve done the hard work for you!

During the testing process, we compared the features and functionality of several popular 3d hologram fan files products on the market today. Following this, we reviewed some of the best sellers on Amazon and heard what people had to say about them.

We also looked at expert and customer reviews on Amazon and other websites like YouTube to get a better idea of how these products stack up against each other in terms of:

  • Quality
  • Durability
  • Features
  • Price
  • Performance
  • Brand
  • Reviews
  • Ease of Use
  • Versatility
  • Durability
  • Reliability
  • Availability
  • Service and more.
Bestseller No. 1
GIWOX Upgrade 3D Hologram Advertising Display Fan 16.5inch, 640P Hi-Resolution and WiFi Added - LED Light 3D Holographic Projector Fan for Business Store Shop Bar with 800pcs 3D Video Library 42cm
  • 【UPGRADE HOLOGRAM FAN GIWOX Holo 42S】:Based on our customer experience and feedback, GIWOX has upgrade our hologram projector fan with + WiFi (point to point) + Upload by APP (Android & IOS) + Free 3D video library up to 800pcs + Hi-resolution (640P) + 384pcs LED lights + 30% brightness. Technically, Holo 42S 3D Holographic Fan is updated version of Holo 42.
  • 【HI-RESOLUTION】: The new holographic projector fan resolution is 1024*384dpi and max support 30 frames/second for video playing. Hi-resolution 3D visuals with a realistic holographic effect to help you effectively convert passive audiences into real buyers.
  • 【WIFI CONNECT APP】: WiFi function added, connect your LED hologram fan with APP. The APP Compatible with Phone XR XS MAX Android Sumsung phones. Support upload files by APP and TF card. Better by TF card. The fan will start to run directly after power on. Do not touch the fan blades while it is running or test battery.
  • 【TOP-NOTCH 3D EFFECT】:The image has no borders and backgrounds, makes you feel it completely appears in the air and creates best attraction for your products or events. Widely used in department store, shopping mall, casino, bars, trade show, wedding, holiday, Christmas, Halloween, railway station signage display, etc.
  • 【OUTSTANDING SERVICE】: The upgrade 3D hologram advertising dispaly is the most cost-effective model among GIWOX hologram family. We provide 1 years warranty (no human damage) & free software & professional customer service & technical support & 3D video library and we accept ordering of special logo, animation and other services.
Bestseller No. 2
CACACOL 3D Hologram Advertising Fan 720p HD Wi-Fi Holographic Display Air Fan Video Projector 224 Lights 16.5 inch
  • EYE-CATCHING BLACK TECH PRODUCT - Stand out from your competitors. Kids love it, and most Adults are amazed when they see this in operation, working from a single blade into a full image. The 3D fan makes incredible looking images! It is definitely an attention getter at this point. The light is amazing even in situations where there is a lot of ambient light, but it really shines in a dark environment.
  • TOP-NOTCH 3D EFFECT - Amazing light image has no borders and backgrounds,makes you feel it completely appears in the air and creates best attraction for your products or events.Widely used in Shopping malls, Restaurants, Urban Transportation, Hospitals, Schools, Enterprises, Event Venues,Stages, Exhibition Halls, etc.
  • MAIN PARAMETERS - 224pcs LED Lights, Resolution 450x450 pixels. 16GB Kingston Micro SD Card and Wi-Fi Support, The Software to Convert Videos easy to use. Display Support: MP4, AVI, RMVB, MKV, GIF, JPG, PNG with a black background. Software compatible with Windows Series only.
  • EASY USE & INSTALL - Hologram fan must be installed 6.5 feet or higher on the wall for safety. Do not touch the fan blades while it is running or test battery. If you need a standard when purchasing a 3d holographic fan, please select us and we will always sell on Amazon wait for you.
  • PROFESSIONAL SERVICES - We have created some hardware and software operating video on YouTube. Made to the highest quality, we're able to offer you 1-Year Professional Services and 3-Year Technical Support.
Bestseller No. 3
GIWOX 3D Hologram Fan with WiFi, 640PX Hi-Resolution 20.5'' Holographic Video Projector, Graphic 3D Video-3D Advertising Display is Best for Business Store Shop Holiday Events Display (52cm)
  • [Fast Transfer Speed]: Upgraded to four fan blades, Holo50S 3D Hologram fan supports phone App and TF card upload methods, the App transfer speed has reached 2M/1S. Features Hi-resolution (640P) + 576pcs LED lights + 3000cd/㎡ Brightness.
  • [Software Compatible ]: The phone APP is compatible with iOS and Android. Holo50S Hologrm fan Play MP4, AVI, MOV,RMVB, JPG, GIF, JEPG, MKV format video directly, no need convert into bin file. The LED Hologram fan will start to run directly after power on. Do not touch the fan blades while it is running.
  • [576 LED Beads]: LED beads determine the image texture, brightness and life. Holo50S LED Display Fans with four blade design to increase the LED lamp beads quantity, the dynamic resolution has reached 640P which create clearer and brighter 3D effect video.
  • [3D Effect]: The image displayed on the Hologram Advertising Display has no borders and backgrounds, makes you feel it completely appears in the air and creates best attraction for your products or events. Widely used in department store, shopping mall, casino, bars, railway station signage display, etc.
  • [Free 3D content]: 3D content is very improtant during use the Hologram Projector Fan. Contact us to get Free 3D video library up to 800pcs. Browse our media library and download content you like in seconds minute. We also customize 3D effect Logo and video for customers.
SaleBestseller No. 4
3D Hologram Advertising Display Fan Projector, 3D Hologram Advertising Displayer PC WiFi Added - Holographic LED Fan Projector for Business,Store,Shop,Exhibition ,Bar
  • 【Superb 3D Effects】: The stunning light image has no borders and no background, making you feel like it's completely in the air, creating a great appeal for your product or event. Widely used in shopping malls, restaurants, urban transportation, hospitals, schools, enterprises, event venues, stages, exhibition halls, etc.
  • 【Upgrade Hologram Fan 】: The editing software is suitable for Windows XP and Windows 7/8/10 computer systems. You can customize video and pattern editing, support memory cards and pattern editing software. General video, animation and image display are supported.
  • 【Excellent Quality and Durability】: The 3d holographic LED fan is made of high-quality material, which is sturdy and durable, and adopts ultra-high-density LED rotating imaging to show the 3D visual effect of the display device. It can clearly display the product image and flexibly change the advertising content.
  • 【Two Installation Methods】:Rotatable installation or wall-mounted installation, which takes up little space. No matter which installation method is used, it can make your advertisements and new product marketing eye-catching.
  • 【Quality Service】:If you have any questions about this product, you can contact us at any time. We have a professional customer service team and will provide you with the best quality service. We will try our best to solve your problem in time, please rest assured to buy.
Bestseller No. 5
GIWOX 25.6 inch 3D Hologram Fan Display 65S with Powerful APP, 1080P HD Trade Show LED Display Fan, 720Pcs LED Beads Four-Axis High Transfer Speed, Upload by iOS Android 3D Holographic Fan Projector
  • ➤[Top Technology HOLO 65S]: The Best in 25.6 inch LED Hologram fans, four-axis design + HD (1080*1080dpi) + Powerful WiFi + Upload by APP + Cloud platform + High transfer speed + 720pcs High quality LED beads + Free 3D Video Library up to 800pcs (We also customize 3D effect Logo and video for customers) + 65cm/25.6inch Larger size + 4500cd/㎡ Higher brightness (+30%.) Actually, Giwox Holo 65S Holofan has reached the VSN technical limit.
  • ➤[1080P HD & LARGER SIZE]: 1080P resolution is the clearest holograms in the market, 720 LED beads are highly densely arranged on the blade and the diameter size increased to 25.6inch. The image has no borders and backgrounds, which makes you feel it completely appears in the air. Large 3D HD visuals with a realistic holographic effect is far more clearer than other models. Support both ordinary speaker (need our audio module) and Bluetooth speaker to play music.
  • ➤[FOUR AXIL DESIGN]: Four axis design minimizes the ring grain effect and vibration. The detachable fan blade greatly reduces the volume and shipping price. Holo65S 3D Hologram fan support cloud system for those who would use the fans in different stores, cities, or states. Widely used in Exhibition, trade show, department store, shopping mall, casino, bars, railway station, signage or NFT display, etc.
  • ➤[HIGH TRANSFER SPEED]: 0-50M files needs 5-45s, 50-100M needs 45-120s. For the upgrade system and program, the APP transfer speed is much faster than Holo65. The most important thing is that the fans playing mp4 format directly and not need to be converted to bin format. Multiple fans video wall updated by PC software; Single fan updated by Phone APP. NOTE: don't support TF Card updated, please don't take off the TF Card of Holo 65S.
  • ➤[LEADING WARRANTLY]: 3D content with black background is very important during use the Hologram Projector Fan. Contact us to get free 3D video library up to 800pcs. Our Holo65S Holograms feather sheet metal frames, brand LED bulbs, and updated chip. Without human damage, GIWOX offer 1 year factory Warranty & 3-years professional customer service & technical support.
SaleBestseller No. 6
3D Hologram Fan WiFi Projector with 700 Video Library, Tabletop Holographic LED Ceiling Skylight Night Light for Halloween, Shop, Bar,Casino, Party Advertising Display 18.1 inch Missyou
  • 🔥【Includes Bluetooth+Remote Control】: Upgrade Holographic Fan, Based On Our Customer Experience And Feedback, Missyou Has Upgraded Our Holographic Fan: Bluetooth + Remote Control + Wifi + App Upload (Android & Ios & Computer) + 700 Free 3d Video Libraries + High Resolution (1400*510p) + 510 Led Lights.
  • 🔥【Four Leaves】:Missyou Holofan Is Composed of 510 High-Brightness Led Lamp Beads.The New Holographic Projector Resolution Is 1400*510px .With A Large Number of Lamp Beads, You Can Get A Clearer And Brighter 3d Pattern。
  • 🔥【App Upload Video】: Added Wifi, Bluetooth Function, You Can Set Timed Playback Content. Connect Your Hologram With The App. - High-Resolution 3d Visuals And Realistic Holographic Effects That Can Help You Effectively Convert Passive Audiences Into Real Buyers.
  • 🔥The Content Displayed By The Holographic Fan Display Can Be Uploaded Using A Tf Card And Mobile App. Our Company Provides Many Materials. After Purchase, You Can Contact Us to Provide or Customize Materials
  • 🔥It Can Clearly Display The Hologram Video of The Product And Flexibly Change The Advertising Content. Custom Video And Mode Editing, Support Memory Card, And Mode Editing Software. After You Purchase, You Can Contact Our Company. We Will Send The Gifted Holographic Video As Soon As Possible. There Are Many Types of Gifted Videos, Such As Digital Products, Company Logos, Catering, Etc. We Also Support Customized Videos
Bestseller No. 7
Faryuan 3D Hologram Fan Advertising Display Best for Business,Store,Shop,Holiday 20.5inch with Wi-Fi Hi-Resolution 1600x576 PX Holographic LED Video Projector
  • 【Powerful Hardware】- Four-Blade Design with 576pcs LED Beads; WiFi function; 176°view angle; High refresh rate:>40hz (others is less than 20hz); Roating Speed: 700/min, HIGH TRANSFER SPEED: 0-50M files needs 5-45s,50-100M needs 45-120S; The 3D Fan’s four-blade design minimizes vibrations caused by propelling fan blades, making Led fan more durable, producing better image quality than two-blades. The four-blade fan also reduces the ghosting effect on the image created by the fan’s blades.
  • 【Invaluable Advertising Tool】3D hologram fan is a cost-effective solution to help shopkeepers effectively disseminate and share advertising content, The 3D effect produced by the ultra high-density rotating LED blades is perfect for advertising, whether for a mall, small store, restaurant, museum or any other business that can use a 3D hologram.
  • 【Convenient Installation】3D holographic system can modify the system and structure of the hardware according to the existing building or installation location space, which can be installed permanently in various buildings and urban Spaces. It can be installed byrotating or hanging on the wall, and never occupy too much space.
  • 【Free 3D Media Library & Content Is Varied】3D content is very improtant, preview content you like and download in seconds minute. The 3d Spinning Holographic System Can Change Digital Content At Any Time According To Demand, 3D hologram fan is a cost-effective solution to help shopkeepers effectively disseminate and share advertising content.
  • 【Why Do You Need It】3D hologram fan display are produced by rotating led fans.It is a cost-effective solution to help shop owners spread and share advertising content efficiently. It's magic 3D Led Fan gift for Kids during festival and Ceiling Skylight for Party,show their favourite photos or videos in the bedroom. High-tech of holographic imaging is very attractive to consumers, it will bring a vivid 3D advertising display in the air.
Bestseller No. 8
Prometheus (Blu-ray 3D/ Blu-ray/ DVD/ Digital Copy)
  • Factory sealed DVD
  • Noomi Rapace, Michael Fassbender, Charlize Theron (Actors)
  • Ridley Scott (Director)
  • English, French, Spanish (Subtitles)
  • Audience Rating: R (Restricted)
Bestseller No. 9
Maiman 16.5" 3D LED Hologram Fan, 224 Beads 3D Animation Video Projector, Windows PC Version (No Remote Upload Feature) Cheap 3D Holographic Fan
  • This listing, the 16.5" 3D hologram fan is a cost effective solution, the fan DOES NOT comes with any remote uploading feature,buyers to upload videos/images by copying the fan memory, i.e., the TF card. The TF card not located on the fan, it's on the side of the round base, close to the top of the base, inside a small TF card slot, please take it out carefully, load video/image as per the manual instruction and put it back to the card slot.
  • Buyers can get the Windows software either from TF card or download from manual, save the software to computer and edit everything on computer, please DO NOT simply run the software on the TF card directly, please read the manual carefully before everything. The supported image/video formats: MP4, AVI, RMVB, MKV, GIF, JPG, PNG, customers can create 3D videos with AE, MAYA, 3D Maker or 3D Max software, the seller offers 700+ 3D video/image gallery free, please read the online manual to get them.
  • The 3D hologram fan is really an impressive advertising display for stores, booths, offices, workshops and home uses to show their products, services or creativities in stunning 3D, the 3D images/videos are very eye-catching like the images/videos are created in the middle of air, it's transparent and the background could be seen.
  • The 3D LED display produces 3D images/videos by having LED diodes illuminate, because of persistent of motional, eyes are able to see a complete 3D image/video, it's not a true 3D holographic, the fans software simulates and displays 3D images/videos, the fans glow millions of shades of color and reveal a vibrant lifelike experience.
  • The fans fitted with 224 LED lights, with a spinning speed of 720RPM, the holographic projector offers a 448*448P resolution, the LED luminance is 1200cd/m2, and this makes the video/image clearly be seen even in a high ambient illuminance level environment.
Bestseller No. 10
ROMIX 30cm Advertising Display 3D Holographic Led Fan Hologram Advertising Fan for 3D LCD Advertising Display ventiladores 3D
  • 【3D-effect 512P PHOTO& HD VIDEO DISPLAY】 Innovative 3D hologram display technology brings you to enjoy more vivid and funny photos and videos anywhere
  • 【SAFE & WIDE APPLICATION】 The transparent protective cover gurantees safety to kids and minimize noise.The hologram fan can be placed anywhere at your home,office or shops,also can be mounted to the wall.Being fastened on arms for entertainment or exhibition show
  • 【 PORTABLE & EASY TO USE】 Light weight and convenient to carry.The unique design ensures to be a part of home decoration (bracket also makes it can be mounted to the wall).
  • 【SUPPORT CONTENT FORMATS】 It is easy to upload photos or videos on computers,formats include mp4,avi,rmvb,mkv,gif,jpg,png.
  • 【Application】  Stores, Supermarkets, Office, Markets, Shopping Mall, Coloths Store, Restaurant, Jewellery shops and other retails outlets.

How to Chose the Best 3d hologram fan files

Buying 3d hologram fan files online can be a great experience. However, you need to know how to buy the right products and what to consider before you make your purchase.

Here are some important tips on how to buy 3d hologram fan files online:

  • Know what you want before you browse
  • Find out if the 3d hologram fan files is available for sale
  • Check for the quality of the product before buying it
  • Check if the 3d hologram fan files is authentic and original
  • Avoid buying from unverified sellers
  • If there is no return policy, be careful while buying products online
  • Read reviews from other customers who have used the product
  • Check for any discounts or deals offered by the seller

When you are buying an 3d hologram fan files online, there are some points that you must consider. These points will help you get the best 3d hologram fan files for the money and ensure that the product is delivered on time. Here are a few things to keep in mind when buying a 3d hologram fan files online:

Look for Price

First and foremost is the price. A product’s price should be one of the first things you consider before making a purchase. It is important to remember that many factors can affect the price of a certain item, such as shipping costs, taxes and other fees. If you are not careful enough, you may spend more on your purchase than you expected.

Consider the Budget

When buying 3d hologram fan files online, it is also important to ensure that they will fit well with your lifestyle or budget if they are not necessities but still wanted in your home or office space. If you are on a tight budget, it is important to consider the product’s price and how much it will cost to ship it. Consider using sites like Amazon or eBay if you want something more affordable and in demand.

Check Reviews

Before buying 3d hologram fan files, it is important to check its reviews. There are many websites where you can find out what customers have to say about a particular product. If there are many positive reviews, then it means that the product works well and is worth buying. However, if there are negative reviews, it would be better not to buy that particular product as there may be some problems with it, and it might not meet your expectations when you receive it at home.

Check for Product Availability

If you want to buy a particular item but cannot find it anywhere except on one website, this should raise a red flag as something fishy could be happening here. It might be possible that they are selling counterfeit 3d hologram fan files or stolen goods that they have purchased from someone else and now trying to sell them online at a higher price than what they originally paid for these products. In such cases, it

Payment Methods

If you’re buying from a company with physical locations, you will typically have more payment options than buying from a third-party site. Ensure the website accepts your preferred payment method online purchasing 3d hologram fan files. If you don’t see it listed on the website, ask them if they accept it before placing your order.

Returns Policy

Pay attention to the return policy before making a purchase. Some sites offer free returns, while others only provide exchanges and no refunds. Check what type of returns policy the site has before purchasing so there aren’t any surprises later on. Returning a product may be a headache, but it’s worth doing if you run into issues with the 3d hologram fan files. If the retailer doesn’t offer free returns, try contacting them before purchasing to see their return policy.

Shipping Costs

When ordering 3d hologram fan files online, shipping costs should also be considered. Shipping costs can vary depending on where you live and how much weight your order has, so compare prices between different sellers before making a decision. You might save money by paying for faster shipping or extra overnight delivery but keep in mind that once an item is shipped, there’s nothing else you can do until it arrives at your doorstep (or mailbox).


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