5 Best Soil Thermometer Reviews

The earth’s layer of soil is indispensable to maintain the autotrophic life of plants. Besides offering support to plants and supplying water and necessary nutrients, the soil temperature is also a critical factor for the proper growth of plants. That is where the soil thermometer comes in.

It helps us to test the temperature and other conditions of the soil by inserting its long probe into the soil. This way, our plants have the best environment to grow in.

We all know that for unhindered and healthy growth, there are certain factors like light availability, water, and such others come in play. A soil condition is one of these. The secret to growing vigorous plants is the right soil temperature so that the plants can collect and release a suitable amount of heat.

Here are the best soil thermometers in the market. They not only read the temperature of the soil but also come with other unique features that will definitely come in handy to anyone.

Again, different plants need different optimized conditions for favorable growth. So, a soil thermometer can prove to be very useful if we are looking to delve into gardening or growing plants in general.

5 Best Soil Thermometers

Selecting one of the best soil thermometers will turn out to be beneficial to us, whether we are the growers as a hobby or to earn a living. Hence, below we have listed some of the best unique soil thermometers for you.

  1. MARATHON BA03000- Vertical Outdoor Thermometer

Our first pick is the neat and super handy vertical outdoor thermometer by the well-known Marathon manufacturers. This is a great thermometer for us to own as it has easy to read features which makes it preferable for everyone. It measures 16 inches in length and includes a wide temperature reading range of -40°C/-40°F to 50°C/120°.

The best part about this thermometer is that this is a very simple instrument to operate and requires no necessary instructions. It has no buttons and is possibly has the simplest design to make our handling even easier. Moreover, it has a fully waterproof body which makes it perfect for both indoor and outdoor use.

This thermometer is also known for its long durability and will persistently get the work done through any type of weather. Furthermore, this is also free of mercury and comes with two mounting screws for convenient use. The mounting screws can be used to place or hang the instrument onto a wall, windowsill, or a window.

Also, the display views the measured temperature in both Celsius and Fahrenheit. Along with accurate temperature measurements, the extra-large and easy numbers make this a fine choice for anyone looking to get the best soil thermometer.


  • Extra-large and easy numbers
  • Extremely simple to operate
  • Measures both Celsius and Fahrenheit
  • Wall mount
  • Waterproof and durable body


  • A few sketchy readings
  • Red fluid may be hard to read
  1. Taylor Precision Products- Classic Instant Read Pocket Thermometer

Next up, we have the classic instant-read pocket thermometer by the very reliable and well-known Taylor Precision Products. This is a very professional and unique thermometer to help us keep track of our soil condition with instant readings.

Besides using this for soil and agriculture purpose, this device can also be used to provide instant readings on internal food and beverage temperatures.

This thermometer is made and crafted to ensure durability with its stainless steel construction. It is a strong and shock resistant instrument that is light at the same time. Furthermore, its dial face is coated with a shatterproof and non-breakable plastic lens to ensure maximum protection.

Likewise, a great part about this thermometer is that its packaging comes with an included recalibration tool and storage folder. Apart from its unique built and versatile features, this thermometer ensures highly accurate readings, ranging from 0°F to 220°F.

Hence, not only can we use this instrument for our soil measurements but also for other important purposes like reading the internal temperature of food and beverages.


  • Tough and durable body
  • Professional and unique
  • Stainless steel construction
  • High accuracy
  • Measures internal temp. of food


  • Not exactly instant
  • Small dial
  1. Hydrofarm- Jump Start Heat Mat Thermostat

Our next choice is a unique and versatile thermometer by Hudrofarm manufacturers which is a great device for regulating plant life and germination. This is an excellent choice for gardeners, farmers, and also for warming up certain pet enclosures. It comes with a solid design with simple buttons and a neat display for easy readings.

This thermometer features accurate readings for temperature measurements. Thus, it provides us with the constant optimal or favorable temperatures required for germination.

Accordingly, it is also an ideal choice for home brewing methods to maintain the desirable and best fermentation temperature and for keeping temperature controls in small-scale pet enclosures.

The best part about this device is it allows us to dial in and regulate our preferred temperature level. Additionally, this is the only thermostat on the market that has been certified by the safety Edison Testing Laboratories (ETL).

This handy instrument also features a neat liquid crystal display (LED) heating sensor light and a digital control for monitoring temperatures.

So, the thermometer scale ranges from 68°F to 108°F along with an optional display of Celsius or Fahrenheit unit measurement.


  • Excellent for germination maintenance
  • Simple and solid design
  • Versatile for multiple uses
  • Allows us to set desirable temperature
  • Optional unit measurement (C/F)


  • Not ideal for heating reptile enclosures
  1. Smart Choice- Stainless Steel Soil Thermometer

On number 4, we have the stainless steel soil thermometer by Smart Choice manufacturers. As the name suggests, this thermometer comes in a solid and neat design. Its steel construct ensures us with longer durability and better protection.

This is a handy and great tool for taking soil temperature measurements with high precision and high visibility. Along with its durable and high-quality steel design, this is a remarkable thermometer that is known for its high accuracy and delivering exceptional planting results.

Similarly, it can be used for both indoor and outdoor gardening to monitor plant health and germination methods. The handy instrument features a long stem that is more precise and easier to read compared to digital soil and garden thermometers.

Therefore, it is undoubtedly a very cost-effective and a great time-saving device that makes our harvesting life a lot easier. Besides, the manufacturers ensure top-notch quality and product guarantee for ultimate customer satisfaction.


  • Stainless steel construct
  • High visibility and precision
  • Exceptional planting results
  • Top-notch quality guaranteed
  • Refund and replacement policy


  • No instruction manual
  • May take time for measuring
  1. Thermometer World – Garden Soil Thermometer

Last but certainly not the least; we have the garden soil thermometer by Thermometer World manufacturers. This is a wonderful and extremely reliable instrument for regulating soil temperatures. Besides, it is a great choice for monitoring the soil temperature before sowing or planting activities.

On the other hand, this device is a very popular soil thermometer that is extremely useful for greenhouse and gardening purposes. Thus, if we are into farming or agriculture and gardening, it is a must-have essential tool for us to consider.

Other than its unique built-in features, the thermometer also flaunts a very handy and stylish design with a plastic top. That makes it easier for us to use in soil insertion.

Also, its temperature scale is so very neat that provides clear readings for us. Thus, this thermometer provides us with fantastic value and top-notch quality as its accuracy is just as good as its outlook.

Thermometer World manufacturers provide their products with guaranteed quality and full customer support so that we can purchase with more confidence.

This product also comes with a protective cover case for protection. As this thermometer is great for monitoring germination and seed propagation, it is an ideal pick for florists, farmers or anyone into gardening activities.


  • Great for regulating seed propagation
  • Easy for soil insertion
  • Guaranteed high quality
  • Handy and stylish design
  • Full customer support


  • Fragile if falls
  • Might be too small for some

Final Words

Whether one’s a florist or gardener by hobby or a farmer by profession, owning a soil thermometer has several advantages when used appropriately. It can come to significant assistance for ensuring the optimum conditions for our plants to grow in.

Moreover, with versatile features like digital or analog display, extended probe and indicator for optimum temperature, there is always a model of soil thermometer offering all the features to suit your need most capably.

In that sense, we can find the soil thermometer which is just right for us by considering these features in order to grow our plants professionally and with ease.

How are we to know the right place to sow our seeds? How do we detect the reason for the deterioration in plant health? The answer to all these questions is to own the best soil thermometer and use it suitably. By preparing the right kind of settings for our plants to grow in, we are bound to have promising results.

So, putting a soil thermometer to use here is definitely the best idea if our goal is to gain the maximum profit and desirable outcome from our plants.